The Pennsylvania Steel League

What do we do?

The Pennsylvania Steel League hosts 14 Steel matches each year. Two at each of our member clubs.

Why would you want to join us?

Steel Matches:

  • Challenge you to push the limits of your hand-eye coordination and mental processing
  • Are a fantastic introduction to competitive Pistol and Rifle shooting
  • Have significantly lower starting equipment requirement than many other shooting sports
  • Require little or no movement, ideal for people challenged by walking or running quickly

What are our matches like?


A match consists of 5 stages with 5 targets (plates) on each stage. One of the targets will be a “stop plate”. This plate MUST be shot last. All the other targets can be shot in any order. The goal is to safely shoot all 5 targets as quickly as possible. The best 4 out of 5 times are scored. Your worst time is thrown out.


There are 7 divisions:

  • .22 Stock Auto - A .22 pistol with iron sights and no compensator
  • .22 Open Auto - A .22 pistol an optic and optionally a compensator
  • .22 Rifle - A .22 rifle with optional optics and/or compensator
  • Open Auto - A centerfire pistol in a holster with optional optics and/or compensator
  • PCC - A pistol caliber carbine with optional optics and/or compensator
  • Stock Auto - A centerfire pistol in a holster with iron sights and no compensator
  • Revolver - A revolver in a holster with optional optic and/or compensator

Season Scoring

For each match the first place finisher for each division will be awarded 100 points, with the second place finisher being awarded 99, and so on.

Your season score will be determined by the sum of your highest scores at each club such that the highest possible score is 800 points. You must shoot at least one match at each club plus one additional match for a total of 8.

Season Prizes

Prizes are awarded at the end of season banquet to shooters who have joined the league and completed at least 1 match at each club. Exceptions for missed matches can be obtained with a “missed match” form.

Prizes are selected from a per-division prize table, with the first place finisher selecting first, the second place finisher selecting second, and so on.

Additional Rules

The full rule set is listed here.

How do you get started?

Come to a match!

Match Calendar

These matches are open to the public. Our schedule is posted here. Look out for links to where you can register for matches the Monday prior.

Match Fees

Match fees are $20 per firearm.

Joining the league costs $25 and entitles you to shoot up to two firearms at a match. You can find the League Registration Form here.

Check our first match guide for a full list of what to bring.