Static steel shooting league in Eastern Pennsylvania
Season Canceled


Unfortunately due to the complete shutdown of Pennsylvania by Governor Wolf, the PA Steel League has been forced to cancel the 2020 season.


If you have already mailed in dues checks for the 2020 season, they will be destroyed. If they were already cashed you will be mailed a refund.



Welcome to the

Pennsylvania Steel League

If you like shooting very fast, than this is the shooting sport for you.



The Pennsylvania Steel League is currently comprised of 7 member clubs, offering 14 matches for the year.  On match day there are two starting times available,  a morning session at 8:30am and an afternoon session at 1:30pm.   In order to shoot in the morning, you must register by 8:15 AM.   Late arrivals will not be able to register for the morning and will need to shoot in the afternoon.  These matches are open to the public and preregistration is preferred.


A match consists of 5 stages, with 5 targets on each stage, and shooting 5 times per stage, all against the clock.  At minimum a total of 125 rounds will be used to complete the match, more maybe required based on your skill.  Time penalties are applied for misses, and on most stages a designated stop plate is shot last.  Out of the five total times per stage, the fastest four are used for the total overall time on that stage.


We encourage people to join our mailing list as well as the League’s Facebook page, in order to stay on top of the most recent updates and announcements.