Static steel shooting league in Eastern Pennsylvania
Season Canceled


Unfortunately due to the complete shutdown of Pennsylvania by Governor Wolf, the PA Steel League has been forced to cancel the 2020 season.


If you have already mailed in dues checks for the 2020 season, they will be destroyed. If they were already cashed you will be mailed a refund.


About Us

The PA Steel League (PASL) – Started almost 20 years ago to cultivate new shooting competitors, promote safety, and prepare shooters for larger matches. Comprised of 6 clubs (Guthsville, Topton, Ontelanuee, Lower Providence, Pricetown, New Holland, and Blue Ridge) each club hosts 2 static steel matches from March to September.

You have two options when it comes to shooting the matches, as a “Fun” shooter at a cost of $20 per gun per match (youth under the age of 18 shoot free), as a fun shooter you do not earn any points and are not eligible for the prize table.

Your other option is to join the league at a cost of $25, and shoot as a league member for a cost of $20 per gun per match, this allows you to earn points toward the prize table at the end of the year. No matter the age if you are shooting for points you must be a league member and pay the $20 match fee. Last year our prize table had over $34,000 worth of prizes.

The matches are set up into 2 sessions, an AM (8:30am) and PM (1:30pm). You can shoot one or both sessions. Each match has 5 stages to shoot, each stage has 5 steel plates to shoot at, and you shoot each stage 5 times, giving you an ammo round count of at least 125 rounds. In order to be able to pick from the prize table you must shoot at least 8 matches in the same division (Open Auto, Open Revolver, .22 Stock Auto, .22 Open Auto, Stock Limited, .22 Rifle) and of those 8 matches 1 must be shot at each club.  If you shoot all 12 matches your 8 best scores are counted. You are able to shoot in two different divisions for score (your $25 league fee covers 2 guns).

The League is a mix of experience and new shooters. We welcome all skill levels. We have many Fathers and Sons and Mother and Daughters who come out to shoot. If you’re interested in the Shooting Sports we welcome you.

The PASL is a great place to start as a new shooter, the members are always open to new shooters and have a vast amounts of experience and desire to help you along.