Static steel shooting league in Eastern Pennsylvania
Season Canceled


Unfortunately due to the complete shutdown of Pennsylvania by Governor Wolf, the PA Steel League has been forced to cancel the 2020 season.


If you have already mailed in dues checks for the 2020 season, they will be destroyed. If they were already cashed you will be mailed a refund.


Match Announcements

Hello All.

So, In lieu of of recent announcements and what has happened with registration for New Holland, we are going to have to leave per-registration numbers as is for the New Holland match. There are a few slots available, 9 as of this message, for the morning.  So if you haven’t per-registered yet, you can still sign-up for the morning.  Because we have such a large turn out, we will ONLY be excepting walk-ons for New Holland Club members and currently registered league members. Others will be on a wait list until we see what the final number of shooters are for each session.  There is a chance that some folks will no be able to shoot, thou we will try to not let that happen.  I want people to understand that we don’t want to turn anyone away, but we need to make the numbers manageable and do not want to keep people out for 12+ hours running and shooting a match.  As it is now, be prepared to be at the range longer than normal.  If you are staying all day make sure you bring food as I don’t know if New Holland will be doing any cooking.

Thank You

Steve —